We strive to improve communication between international producers of medicines and end consumers. Supporting business development of local producers, we help the customers to approach affordable and effective medicines. We promote and support voluntarily accepted principles of ethic behavior and promotion of products in the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstanа.

Our assets

Idea. Innovation. Development

Proceeding new projects we find new Ideas and solutions in pharmaceutical marketing, which can effectively solve the problems and achieve goals. We strive for innovative and creative approaches to solving problems and goals. Just being in constant development we can achieve high quality products and services.


Anyone working in the «Royal Pharm Group», represents the company and is responsible before all customers and partners of the company. It means that it should be ready for the hard work as a professional.

Willingness to decision making in solution of hard tasks

Readiness to solve hard tasks, setting ambitious goals, it does not occur very often. Many people are just not comfortable to work when you want them to constantly make decisions, improve their knowledge, explore new directions.

Honesty and openness

This value coincides with the generally accepted moral norms in society. However, its importance in the company is that its reputation comes not only from the consumer properties of products and the value of shares, but also of the human, civil qualities of its employees


Our Target: To achieve leading position in the wholesale trading of medicines in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Our vision: to increase the turnover by 2018 to 8mln USD yearly.


About us

“ROYAL PHARM GROUP” LLC was created in 2012 in Uzbekistan
The purpose of creation of the "ROYAL PHARM GROUP" was to provide the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan with affordable high-quality pharmaceutical products of proven manufacturers.The current target is the marketing promotion of medicines from leading producers and support the local producers as well.


Corporate Office:
Tashkent city, Uzbekistan.
Email: royalpharm.uz@gmail.com.

Almaty city, Kazakhstan
Email: royalpharm.kaz@gmail.com